WATCH: Andrew Zimmern and David Chang Get in Gentleman’s Feud over Sriracha

While some of us are ecstatic about Sriracha’s return to the bosom of the world, we’ve met a few chefs who are So Over Sriracha’s popularity, like Andrew Zimmern. Last month, he told the TODAY Show that while he does like Sriracha, its flavors have been “beaten to death” by a bunch of hot sauce cultists who can’t take off their blinders.

Gauntlet, thrown. People Magazine then went to David Chang, the white knight of Sriracha, and arguably the man who brought Sriracha into the mainstream when he opened Momofuku Noodle Bar ten years ago. “I don’t understand how he could hate something so loving and giving,” Chang jokingly hit back. “It’s just goodness. It’s good on everything.”

But Andrew Zimmern will not abide by Chang clinging to his guns and his hot sauce. “David, while nobody loves your food the way that I do, I have to disagree,” he wrote on his website, then launched into an impassioned video rebuttal, calling Huy Fong’s famed sriracha a “Southern California” impostor of the real Thai stuff. “I just don’t think it’s that great,” he retorted. “It’s not worth all the obsessive attention it gets.”

We have officially hit the first feud of the new year, and it’s over rooster sauce. This is going to be a great year.


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