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WATCH: Andrew Zimmern Terrifies Kelly Ripa With Geoduck Clam, Duck Balls

Andrew Zimmern, host of Bizarre Foods, stopped by the Live With Kelly studio this morning to promote the new season of the show and share some of his favorite “delicacies”. Well, he intended to share some delicacies, but he instead found himself confronted with host Kelly Ripa having a bizarre-food induced breakdown.

Andrew’s tasting menu included head cheese, fermented soy beans, duck balls, and blood pudding. Kelly started hyperventilating even before the food was unveiled, ignoring all of Andrew’s comments about “snout-to-tail” eating in favor of huddling in a corner. Her co-host for the day, contest winner Michael Buckley, realized his chance for daytime television super stardom, and hammed his way through the segment to distract from Kelly’s panic attack. And when we say “hammed”, we mean it: in addition to comically guzzling water after sampling to dishes, he at one point declared to the delighted audience, “I love duck balls!”. If this guy doesn’t get his own talk show, he’s been cheated.

As for Kelly, the highlight of the segment came when she brandished a giant phallus-shaped geoduck clam at the audience in an attempt to stop them from pressuring her to try it. Andrew then proved why he was made for television, by taking an exaggerated bow when the segment finished. Bravo, Andrew. Bravo.

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