WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Takes Eric Ripert To Look At ‘Pottery Of People Doing It’

Putting aside the “Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate! ACK!” aspect of last night’s Parts Unknown, we happened across a not-surprising, but totally hilarious Anthony Bourdain fact: “I am an aficionado of the early erotica of pre-Columbian and post-Columbian eras,” he tells a visibly uncomfortable Eric Ripert. “You know, pottery of people doing it.” (Ripert’s response: “Yeah, I should have known that.”)

Which of course gives them an excuse to visit the Museo Larco Erotic Gallery in Lima, Peru. Guess what: it is full of Mesoamerican porno terra cottas! Giant clay dicks! Animal-on-human sex! Acts generally frowned upon in our Puritanical society! Old tourists taking photos! And Eric Ripert who just can’t take it anymore, because Anthony Bourdain is forever twelve.

The best Bourdain one-liner of the segment, though, involves a sculpture of two people getting busy under a blanket: “This must be after the Spanish arrived to teach them shame.”

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