WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Takes Shots With Mario Batali, Josh Gad, and Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show

This June, Mario Batali is heading up the Eat (RED) Drink (RED) Save Lives campaign. It’s a program with special events, and participating restaurants, bars, food trucks, and grocery stores (13,000 business total around the world) will donate money to the Global Fund which funds drugs that prevent the transmission of HIV/AIDS from parent to child.
Last night, he and Anthony Bourdain went on The Tonight Show to promote the event, and they played a new game called Food Pyramid. Batali teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon, and Bourdain was paired with Josh Gad. One participant was blindfolded and had to guess the foods his teammate was eating. Anthony Bourdain ends up taking a lot of shots.
Watch the video:
[image via screen grab]

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