WATCH: Anthony Bourdain Talks Meaning of Foodies in Shanghai Season Premiere of Parts Unknown

The whole thing has a very existential kind of thrill to it — what’s the meaning of all the flashing lights and fried foods to our hearts’ desire?

In this first clip of the season premiere of Parts Unknown, Anthony Bourdain strolls the night market of Shanghai’s Shouning Road to discover the “happy, riotous, delicious torrent of food.” It also has a much deeper meaning to him, in the “China you fell in love with.” He says:

“We talk about foodies and what they hell does that mean? By current definition best as I can understand it, that makes just about every Chinese person I ever laid eyes on, a foodie. Which is to say, a perfectly reasonable person who enjoys and pays attention to where the good stuff is.”

No truer words about foodies have been spoken. And also, snake does kind of taste like chicken. The season premiere of Parts Unknown airs September 28.


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