WATCH: Anthony Bourdain’s Fake Archer Show, ‘Bastard Chef’

Frankly, it’s our opinion that Anthony Bourdain is at his most entertaining when surrounded by unhinged and insane people, and it shows in last night’s episode of Archer. Take note, The Taste. Bourdain basically begged his way onto the show, so the fact that showrunner Adam Reed managed to write an episode that played to his strengths — swearing, wanton acts of cruelty, being a bag of dicks — makes this a barrel of innapropriate laughs.

To wit: Bourdain, AKA “Lance Casteau,” runs the uber-popular restaurant 16, where the State Department plans on hosting a diplomatic dinner with the Albanian ambassador. When someone makes a threat against the Ambassador’s life, ISIS steps in to provide security and embeds their agents in Casteau’s kitchen. However, Casteau also happens to be the star of a reality TV show — which doesn’t stop filming:

16 also happens to be uber-popular, on which Lana Mitzi (“failed actress”) gets a lecture on from Casteau:

However, throughout prep, ISIS’s top agent (and the boss’s son) Sterling Archer “Randy Randerson” starts to discover that he has a hidden talent: cooking, and being an insulting bastard. Casteau prods him to examine his life choices — maybe to ponder that Archer could have been a successful reality show chef. And then…things happen that involve international intrigue, violence, and cyborgs, because remember? We’re in a show about spies!

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