WATCH: Aw Yeah, Alton Brown Started A Web Cooking Show

We missed you, Good Eats. We missed you so much that we scream at Hulu whenever there are only three seasonally-related episodes available at a time. (What if we don’t want to watch the Turkey Derrick episode on Thanksgiving, huh?) Alas, Alton Brown had to cancel Good Eats many years ago (probably because it was too expensive), and while he became a lovely television host, we missed him telling us how to do food real good.

Until now: a few days ago, Brown launched Cook Smart, a web-only series that brings more Good Eats-style cooking advice to the masses once again. Remember the Oven-Cam? Remember the gratuitous references to sci-fi movies? Remember Alton’s wonderful, staccato voice explaining how to hard-cook eggs? They’re all back. And boy are our inner nerds happy.

Watch the first two minisodes below:

[h/t Eater]

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