WATCH: Inevitable ‘NSFW Web Show About Food Blogger’ Is Inevitably Awkward

Have you ever wished someone would make a TV show about a food blogger? We’re not talking about professional food writers who happen to write online (calm yo self, Ruhlman). We’re talking about that friend of yours with the food blog called Food Vixen or something, where she photographs every plate of food that’s ever set before her, overuses the word “orgasm” in relation to flavors (not just on her blog, but in everyday life), and just cannot, ever, ever stop talking about Julia Child during sex.

Probably not. But too bad! Here’s the trailer for Audrey, a webseries about what would happen if a food blogger managed to get her own HBO series. The closest thing we can compare it to is Sex And The City, The Series, Part 2, if everyone were Samantha, Samantha were more into food than sex, and was far more self-indulgent and socially maladjusted. Oh, and if the object of her sexual desire was a man with a creepy moustache who exclaims, “It looks like she’s fucking the food with her mouth.”

[h/t Huffington Post]

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