WATCH: ‘God Bless Israel’ Says Barack Obama Impersonator In McDonald’s Ad

What better way to advertise the Big America burger in Israel than to 1) reaffirm America’s longstanding and controversial relationship with Israel, and 2) play up American cultural stereotypes? You know, ones like “Americans like to dress like Secret Service agents all the time,” “Americans like to rendition random people to make them work at McDonald’s late at night“, or “Barack Obama’s reliance on international realism theory is reflected in his ability to roll up to any random McDonald’s window late at night and order whatever he wants, no matter if that Israeli dude was about to score?”

You will never see this ad in the United States, since federal law prohibits the President’s image — even an impersonator, as is seen here — from being used for commercial purposes. However, Buzzfeed points out that this ad is practically a shot-for-shot copy of a similar ad starring a George W. Bush impersonator, which is great if you’re one of those people who says that Obama and Bush basically have the exact same foreign policy of preemptive non-agressive drone strikes. Would you like fries with that debate?

[Buzzfeed via Obama Foodorama]

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