WATCH: Least Threatening Drones Ever To Deliver Beer To Summer Concert Crowds

You would think that America, the great nation which invented drones and multiple mechanisms that move beer from Point A (the bottle) to Point B (your belly), would have invented a beer drone first. You’d think that America would conduct a peace campaign throughout the world by dropping hearty American microbrews on small villages and giant rock concerts, generating international goodwill.

But who’s now at the cutting edge of technological innovation? South Africa. Mashable reports on this slide in American supremacy:

During August’s OppiKoppi Music Festival, attendees can order beers from their phones to be delivered the event’s District 9 campsite. The beer-equipped drones will swoop down and deliver beer via parachute to the appropriate customer, as explained in the video [below]. The organizers say the beer drones are now hand-guided, but in the future they’ll fly on a GPS grid.

To be jingoistically fair, America has a prototype of a burrito drone and a taco drone, but neither have actually cleared for business by the FDA and the FAA. How can we allow other nations to surpass our food drone powers? America needs to step it up; our technological might combined with our unbeatably rapid preparation of unhealthy foods is the cornerstone of our democracy. (What can we say? We’re neo-crunchservatives.)


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