WATCH: Bobby Flay Is Better At Health Than You, Part One Of Seven

“Look at me! I’m Bobby Flay, and I’m the spitting image of health and vitality, why yes I am! See how my calf muscles flex as I leap through the streets of New York like a culinary gazelle, and my eyes pierce, so blue, like the sharpest hawk? Note how my beloved employees revel in my vigor and strive to emulate my physique and diet at every turn!

“Come, let me teach you my Ways Of Living in my new Food Network seven-part web series, Bobby Flay Fit! For indeed, you should be Bobby Flay Fit, as I do say and believe that I am. And to that end, today’s Health Lesson is all about how to eat less pasta, because only fat cow blobs eat a big plate of pasta without any salad on the side.”

“Now stride with me and my purple shirt through New York! STRIDE, I SAY.”

UPDATE: If for some reason you can’t see the video, check it out here.

[via The Food Network]


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