WATCH: Bravo’s Roblé Ali And The Food Tang Clan Ain’t Nothing To Cook With

Although my co-editor Mariella may be more knowledgeable about Bravo’s TV lineup, I sure as hell am more knowledgeable about hip hop — which is why this video of Bravo’s Roblé Ali of Chef Roblé and Co., mashing up popular rap/hip-hop songs with food lyrics, hits all our buttons. (Are they good buttons? That’s up to you to interpret.)

As The Huffington Post reports, “Roblé and Co. — a group that includes fellow chef Ché Gravy and dedicated eater, Jason “J. Brew” Brewster — are getting out of the kitchen and into the music studio under a new moniker: The Food Tang Clan.”

There’s also some ‘Ye in there, hence why the album’s called Watch The Stove, because, get it? Have fun.

[The Huffington Post]

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