WATCH: Chef Farid Zadi Teams Up With Epic Meal Time To Serve Insane Thanksgiving Dinner At Soup Kitchen

We know that it’s the antithesis of everything we advocate on this website, but sometimes we secretly watch¬†Epic Meal Time, the YouTube web series/Canadian shitshow where pork products, fast food, and whisky come together in unholy, calorie-laden combinations. (For instance: imagine a lasagna made with 45 fast-food burgers, layered with bacon and Jack Daniels. Do you see what we mean?)

This Thanksgiving, though, they roped a Real Chef into their shenanigans: enter Farid Zadi, chef of Los Angeles’s popular Spanish Fly Gastropub and former columnist for LA Weekly,¬†to make their classic TurBacon Epic Meal…for charitable purposes. That is correct. To help the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen, Zadi put a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a bird in a pig.

But why help people in this way? “We’re douchebags and we came here to volunteer,” says perpetually drunk host Harley Morenstein. “What’s your excuse?”

Watch below for disgusting combinations of food that would make the Au Pied Du Cochon men wet themselves in fear.


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