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WATCH: James Beard Award-Winning Chefs Appear As Category On Jeopardy!

Last night, in between the usual categories about “Literary Houses,” “Words in U.S. Capitols,” and “The Dreaded Opera Category,” chef clues began popping up on Jeopardy! Specifically, the clues were about James Beard Award-winning chefs — in honor of the influential chef’s birthday, according to Alex Trebek. Chefs have hit the cultural zeitgeist, man! It’s happening!

Even if you’re no culinary Ken Jennings, see if you can play along with the clues — and if you can also keep up while the players jump to the psychology-oriented “Shrink Wrap” category before returning to the chefs. Also, sorry about your lackluster Jeopardy! performance, Marvin. It is the most difficult game.

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