WATCH: Dave Arnold Puts All The Foods In Giant Air Cannon, Makes Things Go Boom

Perhaps we’re being hyperbolic, but honestly, we can’t not be hyperbolic when the subject is “giant air cannons used to create puffed cereals.” In this video for The New Yorker, Booker and Dax bar master and Museum of Food and Drink founder Dave Arnold not only goes into the Industrial Era history behind puffed cereals, but also comes to the realization that almost any food can be puffed into a giant, airy crisp of grain snack, as long as it has an endosperm (that tough, crunchy outer shell on a grain) and internal moisture. (Basmati, Thai black sticky rice, and dried pork rinds are up there as his dream materials.)

Okay, not every food: lentils apparently don’t work, nor do black chickpeas, because they’re too dry. But pasta does, and it comes out looking like weird mushrooms.

Read more about the history of the air gun at The New Yorker.

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