WATCH: Dave Arnold Predicts That One Day Great Chefs Will Use Microwaves

Dave Arnold has turned many strange, non-culinary items into crucial cooking utensils for the modern cocktail drinker; pokers, centrifuges, and liquid nitrogen chief among them. But what gadget does he really want to see make the leap into haute cuisine? The microwave.

“No one has figured out the genius use of the microwave,” he mused to the New York Times in the below video, where he plays around with his set of kitchen gadgets. “The microwave hasn’t had that moment yet, where someone, like Thomas Keller, wheels out the cart with the microwave on it, and goes, ‘Look. I’ve used a microwave. Don’t worry! I’ve used a microwave.’

(Strangely enough, these are the words we tell our parents when they worry we haven’t defrosted the chicken long enough. It’s a leap towards innovation, sort of.)

But in the realm of possibility: at-home sous-vide machines (Please!!!!), and the basil daiquiri he makes below, using liquid nitrogen. Delicious, and science-y.

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