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WATCH: David Chang Takes A Stroll Down Culinary Memory Lane

When you’re a scrappy little Asian kid, your parents will inevitably take you to the Asian supermarket, where they’ll look at weird fish guts as you scramble through the grimy aisles in a sugar-fueled search for Pocky. You might accidentally break all of the kitchen supplies, while you’re at it. This is generally known as “A Very Important And Awesome Formative Childhood Experience.”

If you were never lucky enough to be an Asian child and experience this, David Chang is happy to be your guide to this Eastern wonderland in this clip from The Mind of A Chef, set in the Hong Kong Supermarket in New York City’s Chinatown. “Where are you gonna find duck tongues? Duck feet? You put this in a Whole Foods, people are going to die.

Watch The Mind of a Chef, Episode 11: New York (Excerpt) on PBS. See more from The Mind of a Chef.

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