WATCH: David Chang Pulls An Oprah On Unsuspecting Harvard Students

In this joint lecture with Carles Tejedor at Harvard’s Food and Science Lectures, David Chang not only delivers a lecture on fermentation and microbiology, but also has his audience play along with some bags, filled with fermented goodies like tamari and miso, that he hid underneath their seats. (What, did you think Chang would give everyone in his audience a new car full of soy paste?)

However, he’s quick to remind them that he’s a cook, not a scientist — as evidenced by the fact that they weren’t able to provide any fermented olive oil to the class, simply because all the flavor of an olive is in the water and not the fat. “[I] basically slept my way through every chemistry — or cheated my way — through every science course, so it’s a little ironic that here I am, telling you about it right now.” (They recovered, however, and provided everyone in the class with a shot of olive juice.)

Chang starts at 20:50, while Tejedor, one of the top olive oil producers in the world, starts at 9:38.

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