WATCH: David Chang Tests Space Food With Astronaut Chris Hadfield And Mythbusters

Hello, cultural zeitgest moment!

While chatting with Tested’s Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage (also of Mythbusters fame) in the International Space Station, Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield mentioned that he had a problem. See, although he’s known as the King Of Space (and an amazing guitarist), he missed Earth food. Specifically, he missed how Earth food has real tastes, textures, and variety — and isn’t mushy like the baby food-esque options on the ISS.

This is where David Chang comes in: the Mythbusters challenged the Outstanding Chef to come up with a tasty meal that could only be recreated with the 300 ingredients on board the ISS (no shipping Benton hams into space). That explains this video where he and Traci Des Jardins travel to NASA!

Of course, Chang knows how to open the pod bay doors of tastiness, but can he then teach Hadfield to recreate his shrimp and grits in space? Watch below, because honestly, this is the most exciting collection of people that we’ve ever seen. Nothing will top this moment. Nothing.

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