WATCH: Artist David Choe Gets Mistaken For Chef David Chang All The Freaking Time

PSA TO THE WORLD: You really need to know who David Choe is. Not only is he a renowned artist, professional lunatic, and number two on my list of Millionaires I Want To Marry (only behind space cowboy Elon Musk), he is also, importantly, not David Chang.

“People always mistake us, because there are, like, five Korean guys doing shit, I guess,” Choe tells Alia Shawkat in an episode of Artists Talk on MOCAtv. “So I’ll be in New York and people are like, ‘Dave Choe? Your food is amazing.’ I go, ‘Oh, thank you!'”

While now we really want to facilitate a meeting between the two Korean Davids, here is a lesson of the day: All Koreans are equal, but some Koreans are more batshit than others. (Also, his response: “The one thing I do, I never correct anybody.”) While his experiences with Awkward Racism start at 11:36, the rest of the video explores Choe’s Labyrinth Of Fucked-Up Junk, as well as the reason he never gets any work done: “The rabbits come in and ride my hovercraft.”

[h/t FirstWeFeast]

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