WATCH: Did Rick Bayless’s Cooking Make Jimmy Kimmel Cry Last Night?

Rick Bayless stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live last night to cook up some grilled tuna with an heirloom tomato sauce. Jimmy immediately impressed the chef with his lime-juicing skills — a result of his love of gimlets — but things got a little spicy when Rick had him and guest Thomas Hayden Church sample the tuna’s marinade.

See, even though they watched Rick dump several cloves of garlic and two whole Serrano peppers into the blender, both of them were still surprised by just how much of a kick the marinade had. Jimmy, eyes watering, joked about feeling duped and needing to be taken to the hospital. Come on, it wasn’t like he wasn’t warned that it was going to be spicy.

But all was quickly forgiven, and Jimmy even invited his friend Guillermo on stage to try the dish. His reasoning? “Guillermo, you’re Mexican. Come check this out.” Luckily for Rick, Guillermo declared it to be the best thing he’s ever eaten, tongue-scorching marinade and all.

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