WATCH: Dominique Ansel Frankensteins Frozen S’More Into Existence

Dominique Ansel wields such enormous amount of pastry power that he can reveal his latest unholy mashup creation — the frozen s’more on a smoked stick — in a fancy video on The New Yorker’s website. But while we tremble in fear of Ansel’s tampering with the laws of nature (putting ice cream inside a marshmallow? Heretic!), we have to admit the ingenuity of a frozen treat: they can’t be scalped as easily as a cronut, especially in the sauna-like heat of a New York summer. “You have to eat it on the spot,” he tells the camera with a devious grin. “When you have it in your hands, you have to eat it immediately.”

Watch Ansel genetically modify a s’more below, and feel guilty for liking this perversion of nature:

[The New Yorker]

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