WATCH: Eddie Huang Eats Meat That’s Been Sitting in A Car Trunk for Hours

Eddie Huang’s always wondered why Uncle Anthony Bourdain has never visited Mongolia, and now he knows: while Mongolian people are super nice (especially given that they were ruthless conquerors centuries ago), their food — apart from the barbecue — sucks. “Mongolian food is the hottest, hottest trash on the planet,” he declares.

Maybe he is being a racist? No he’s not:

“The kid is the first one to defend things culturally. But scientifically, you cannot argue that refrigerating this meat, not eating next to this meat, like, maybe not having the door open for flies to come in on this meat, would make the meat more sanitary.”

Especially when that raw lamb up there was, as the headline states, sitting in a car for four hours. Oh my god Mongolia, how do you do it? (Maybe it’s the fact that they’ve been doing it for centuries and have stupid strong immune systems; maybe it’s all the death metal Mongolian bands they listen to.)

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