WATCH: Eddie Huang vs. Extremely Hot Wings: “I Must Have Done Something Terrible to Deserve This”

Eddie Huang is the latest celebrity to take First We Feast’s Hot Ones Challenge. The challenge is, essentially, to complete an otherwise regular interview while eating hot wings with a range of heat levels. If you know what “Scoville level” means, these wings went from Sriracha (747 Scoville Level) to Blair’s Mega Death Sauce with Liquid Range (550,000 Scoville Level). If you’re like, “what’s a Scoville level?” just know that the Mega Death Sauce is insane.

Huang and First We Feast’s Sean Evans talk about everything from Anthony Bourdain to Hip Hop to how to fix our economy. They also talk about his second memoir Double Cup Love, which was released today.

Unfortunately, ever the iconoclast, Huang makes decision early on that severely compromises his hot wings-eating stamina.

Watch below:




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