WATCH: Eric Ripert Gets Played Out On Today

Eric Ripert is funny, charming, and a brilliant chef. However, as far as The Today Show is concerned, all that matters is that his cooking segment is taking too long. But rather than simply have the anchors remind him of his time limit, the show decided to get a little creative.

Eric stopped by the studio to cook up some steaks and promote his new YouTube show, On The Table. But it seemed that Eric got a little too into his recipes, demonstrating the exact way to chop herbs for a chimichurri sauce without having to “bruise them” in a the food processor. Al Roker tried to hurry him along to the end of the segment, but someone decided that it just wasn’t fast enough, and so decided to try and play Eric out like his speech was running long at an award show. He quickly tried to end with the best way to cut the steak, but the music just got louder, and the situation became more awkward. We’re pretty sure if the segment ran even a second longer, Eric’s mic would have cut out.

Looks like when the Today producers say four minutes, they mean four minutes.

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