WATCH: Ferran Adria Shows Off El Bullipedia At Harvard

At the end of his lecture at Harvard University — the last one in this year’s Food and Science lecture series — renowned chef Ferran Adria gave his audience an exclusive sneak peek at the project he’s been working on since he closed the restaurant El Bulli last year: the Bullipedia.

One of the main projects of the El Bulli Foundation, the Bullipedia hopes to compile all the world’s culinary knowledge into one database, accesible over the internet and edited by chefs around the world. For the first time, Adria trotted out the project to an audience of students and gourmands, displaying how it can be used to navigate through a dish’s components and explore the history and creative uses of certain ingredients.

The two-hour lecture is fascinating in itself, but we’ve embedded the clip where Adria begins talking about the project (preview starts at 1:36:20).


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