WATCH: Food Network Chefs Caved And Did The Harlem Shake

It was only a matter of time before the Food Network, the hosts of the South Beach Wine and Food Festival, gave into the force of pop culture that is the Harlem Shake. While we’re chagrined that they even did a Harlem Shake video (that was so last week, ugh), we’ll give them props for not being the most embarrassing Harlem Shake video out there. Namely, we’ll give them props for:

  1.  Getting Andrew Zimmern to unleash his inner goddess (and her name is probably “Shirley Mambo”)
  2. Not making all of their celebrity chefs stand in one room and dance
  3. Featuring Justin Warner, who probably is the only one in their lineup who knew who Baauer was before all this Harlem Shake nonsense was appropriated by awkward, middle-aged TV anchors
  4. Making sure Guy Fieri did not dance to the Harlem Shake (he very appropriately throws up a biker gang hand signal)
  5. Reminding us all that Michael Symon is one of the whitest chefs we all know (at least according to his dance moves)
  6. Reminding us, also, that they never made a “Call Me Maybe” or a “Gangnam Style” video to awkwardly coincide with a major food festival.

Bravo, Food Network. Bravo for not embarrassing yourself with this meme.

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