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WATCH: Fox News Host Asks Dominique Ansel if He Has a Green Card

We never get to see The Five’s Bob Beckel ask pastry genius Dominique Ansel one of the most awkward, offensive questions ever to be asked to a successful immigrant-turned-small business owner, but we know it happened, because the Fox News host was compelled to apologize about it on-air: “By the way, Dominique, I’m sorry I asked you if you had a green card. I know you have one.” (Even some of his co-hosts wondered if that was too far: “Bob, can you make friends?”)

Trust The Five to try turning a segment about a simple, all-American chocolate-chip cookie shot (filled with wholesome, all-American milk!) into an attempt to discuss immigration. (Judging by the fact they cut out the footage of Beckel asking that question, Ansel’s reaction was probably not very pretty.)

Watch the clip below via FOX News, and picture a painfully offensive line of questioning:

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