WATCH: Eddie Huang Tries A Plethora Of Burritos And Gets A Haircut (Not At The Same Time)

Every year, fans of James Joyce’s Ulysses celebrate Bloomsday, where they reenact the journey of protagonist Leopold Bloom around Dublin, eating traditional Irish foods and dressing in Edwardian costume.

While it’s far too early to begin comparing Eddie Huang to James Joyce, the third part of his pilot episode of Fresh Off The Boat has him wandering around San Francisco again, getting his hair did, and trying to find the best burrito (and trying to cajole a restaurant worker into being more descriptive about Filipino food: “If we don’t tell Americans what’s in there, they’re gonna bug!”). It’s a veritable Huangsday, complete with the donning of his hoodie and matching shorts.

(And there are so many burritos that he needs a burrito man to carry them all. See? It’s a plethora.)

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