WATCH: Gabrielle Hamilton and Jacques Pépin Make Eggs, Food Nerds Swoon

Image via YouTube

Image via YouTube

Season 4 of the award-winning PBS series The Mind of a Chef premieres September 5, and this go-around, we’ll enter the brain of Gabrielle Hamilton, a person for whom the hashtag #badass was created. Hamilton is the chef/owner of Prune, a wildly popular East Village restaurant that opened in 1999. She also has an MFA in fiction writing, and her memoir Blood, Bones & Butter inspired Anthony Bourdain to pen this in his review:

I was unprepared for page after page of such sharp, carefully-crafted, ballistically-precise sentences. I was, frankly, devastated. I put this amazing memoir down and wanted to crawl under the bed, retroactively withdraw every book, every page I’d ever written. And burn them.

Aggressive move!

Below is a clip from the series released yesterday, in which Hamilton watches Jacques Pépin, grandfather of all food, make oeufs en cocotte. I will confess that when it comes to Pépin, I have a long attention span, so “oeufs en cocotte” could mean “taupe-colored bowl with nothing in it” and I’d still be enthralled. (But it means “eggs in pots.”) If nothing else, watch the very end of the video to hear Pépin talk about the evolution of a recipe.

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