WATCH: Georgia Man Claims To Find Coca-Cola’s Secret Recipe, Places On eBay For $15 Million

The original recipe for Coca-Cola, created by an Atlanta, GA pharmacist in 1886, is one of the biggest trade secrets in the world — so valuable, that the corporation keeps the original recipe under lock and key in a museum vault. However, a Georgia man claims to have found a copy of the original recipe in an estate auction — and, for funsies, will sell it to the highest bidder.

While out antiquing one day, Georgia resident Cliff Kluge came across a box of papers from a “famous chemist”, reported Atlanta TV station WXIA. In it, Kluge discovered a 1943 letter containing a cola recipe that he believes was sent from Coca-Cola, speculating that the company may have needed help finding the ingredients during World War II.

Although Coca-Cola denies that Kluge might have a copy of the recipe worth many, many billions of dollars (“No one has been able to reproduce the ‘real thing,'” they sniffed in a statement), Kluge decided to put the recipe on eBay with a “buy it now” price of $15 million, just because. He’ll be the first to admit that no one would actually pay that price for an unverified recipe, but insists it’s all about the fun (and holiday metaphors): “It’s an Easter egg hunt, looking for eggs out there. And when you come up with something like this, it’s Christmas.”

Unless, of course, it’s the Christmas where Coca-Cola Santa comes to murder you for blabbing too much.

[WXIA via The Daily Mail]

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