WATCH: Giada De Laurentiis Is Really Glad She’s Not In Our Slideshow Of Celebrity Chef Feuds

We were surprised (and slightly bemused) when, in the midst of a HuffPost Live interview with Giada De Laurentiis, a very familiar website popped up on the screen. Why, would that happen to be our slideshow of the most infamous celebrity chef feuds ever? Is it there to highlight the fact that there were so many celebrity chef feuds in 2012? Can we also point out that our slideshow covered the best feuds of all time, and that the Rocco DiSpirito/Jeffrey Chodorow fight has existed since the beginning of celebrity chef history?

But we digress from our nitpicking, because host Abby Huntsman asked Giada why on earth people in the food world fight: “You would think food is the safest place to be!” (Admittedly, the food world is a nicer place in comparison to Abby’s world, where she is one of former presidential candidate Jon Huntsman’s many Hot Daughters.)

“I’m just glad I’m in none of those, I just gotta say,” she laughed (while we seethed), before launching into an explanation of how chefs have such passion for their food and their culinary philosophy that it “occasionally trickles into other parts of their lives” — a sentiment, surely, that a Hot Daughter Of Jon Huntsman could appreciate.

The rest of the interview is below, including the part where Giada points out the obvious fact that no one expects Thomas Keller food from Guy Fieri:

[The Huffington Post]

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