WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Can’t Stop Cursing on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

America’s most adorable talk show host Jimmy Fallon had Gordon Ramsay on The Tonight Show last night to discuss the celebrity chef’s recent injury (it involves trying to run faster than his son), the most recent season of Master Chef, and his new app. The app is called Gordon Ramsay DASH, and therefore we are now more certain than ever that Ramsay is trying to become Kim Kardashian. It’s made by Glu Mobile, who also made the Kardashian apps which are projected to earn the family hundreds of millions of dollars in their first year. The app will be a game, where, according to the description you can “cook your way to success.”

Ramsay seems to forget that he’s on NBC and he can’t stop cursing, to the point that he has to sit on the “naughty step.” Fallon’s not too bent out of shape about it, though, and the two share the celebrity chef’s current favorite cocktail.

Watch the video:


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