WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Grabs a Catfish Out of a Lake With His Bare Hands

In Oklahoma, you can’t purchase wild catfish from the supermarket. If you want wild catfish there, you have to grab them out of the water with your hands, an act known as “noodling.” So naturally, Gordon Ramsay decided he was going to do just that for a recent segment from The F Word, which he recently posted on YouTube. According to local champion Lee McFarlane, the whole process involves getting bitten by a lot of catfish. Fun!

The lake they’re going noodling in is red and murky which makes everything harder. Plus, it’s full of snakes and snapping turtles which makes everything scarier. They don’t use fishing rods or lines. According to Ramsay, all you need are “a big pair of hands, and a big pair of bollocks.” Oh, and gloves, so your fingers don’t get bitten off.

After a few failed attempts, they get a catfish. They filet it and cook it cajun style. We’re not sure if we would ever do anything like that ever. We probably wouldn’t even consider it. But the result looks pretty tasty, so if anyone wants to do all the hard work for us, we’d be happy to eat it.

Watch the video:


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