WATCH: Gordon Ramsay Traps, Hunts, Butchers & Cooks Wild Boar

Gordon Ramsay is not known for his subtlety, nor is he for being less than harsh with those who cross him. In this YouTube video, he treats a wild boar as though the animal is a contestant on Hell’s Kitchen. That is to say, he hunts and butchers it and then eats it. The chef heads to Fort Benning in Georgia, the third largest military base in the country. The wild hogs there run a bit too wild, and destroy forests to the point that the commander general has put a bounty on their heads- $40 per hog.

Ramsay trains and learns to shoot a long-range rifle. It’s not easy to hunt them, because they’re always “one step ahead.” Finally, with help, he traps and kills a hog. After butchering it, he prepares the loins and ribs, and despite a graphic butchering scene, the results are pretty incredible.

Watch the video:

Note: this video contains graphic animal butchering.



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