Watch Guy Fieri Eating to Johnny Cash’s “Hurt” if You’re Having Too Good a Day

Maybe you just got a huge promotion, and your friends are mad at you because you can’t stop talking about it even though half of them just got laid off and the other half are so miserable they only wish they had gotten laid off. Maybe you and your significant other just said “I love you” for the first time but to be honest no one wants to hear about it because it has nothing to do with them and frankly it’s really boring when you drone on and on like this. It’s enough already. Look, maybe you’re just having too good a day. Either way, you’re pissing everyone off because you’re way too happy and irritating and you need to be taken down a few pegs. We all have those days.

Luckily, YouTube user Mayor Wertz has done the important work of putting together a video montage of Guy Fieri, over the course of 24 seasons stuffing his face to the backing soundtrack of Johnny Cash‘s “Hurt,” probably for this exact purpose.

To give you an idea, the line “I hurt myself today to see if I still feel” is accompanied by video of Fieri dumping sauce straight into his mouth.


[image via screen grab]

[H/T Grub Street]


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