comScore Heston Blumenthal Made a Very Expensive Microwave (VIDEO)

WATCH: Heston Blumenthal Made a Very Expensive Microwave That Happens to Be Perfect

Heston Blumenthal’s new Heston Blumenthal-branded Thing is a microwave! A very expensive microwave, at that (retailing at £279.95, or $472.19 US). But according to him — and the testers at the Daily Mail — this might be the most perfect microwave to ever hit the market, and with only seven buttons, it’s also stupid easy to use!

It works by taking the water content of different foods into account, as he describes below. “Vegetables, for example, are made up of between 85 and 95 per cent water,” he says. “Meats are about 70 per cent, butter is less than 20, while most cooking chocolate is only 3 per cent water.”

According to the Mail’s tester, it does work, particularly with unmicrowaveable meats and fish (seriously). It also happens to make the best jacketed potato she’s ever had. If only we weren’t too lazy to pony up nearly $500 for the best microwave later, especially to help us with our own laziness…

[The Daily Mail h/t Eater]

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