WATCH: Hideo Kuribara of NYC’s Ushiwakamaru Eats, Sleeps, and Breathes Sushi

Hideo Kuribara was told that he would never be able to have his own restaurant. He was told he was too clumsy, and he was too slow. But, in Kuribara’s own words, “sushi is [his] life.” He says he doesn’t ever think about anything else.

Simply put, New Yorkers love Ushiwakamaru. It recently closed for about eight months and people were depressed. Thankfully, when it opened it was pretty much the same authentic restaurant for serious sushi eaters that everyone remembered. The fish is super fresh and is flown in from Japan, but you also don’t feel like you’re spending your kids’ college savings when you go there.

Now, we get to meet the man behind the food. Though there are other things he enjoys, particularly karate, sushi is truly his life. He has most of his fish flown in from Japan, and he’s part of pretty much every aspect of the restaurant- he even does a lot of his own prep and cleaning in the morning.

Watch the video:

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