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WATCH: How to Buy Fish, According to Gordon Ramsay

There are two reasons I don’t cook fish generally. One, my apartment is tiny and I don’t want it to smell like fish. Two, I don’t know how to buy it, and fish is expensive. I’ve heard too many stories of people paying a ton of money for fish at the store, and then dinner turns out pretty bad. It’s enough to get me to stick to making tuna salad and eating fish only when I’m out.

Gordon Ramsay has a new video, though, and he’s teaching you how to buy and use fish with the help of fish expert Roger Kent-Barton, who has been buying and selling the stuff for over fifty years. Here are the basics:

1. Good, fresh fish doesn’t smell like anything at all. Smell your fish before you buy it. And don’t just waft. Get your nose all up in there.

2. Look at the fish. It should still be shiny and blue.

3. Look at the fish’s eyes. According to Kent-Barton, they should be “as bright as yours.”

Watch the whole video:

[image via screen grab]


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