WATCH: Ilan Hall’s Knife Fight Looks Like An Illicit Underground Boxing Match

Here’s your first look at Esquire Network’s Knife Fight, the premise of which asks the most important question: what if Ilan Hall turned his LA restaurant, The Gorbals, into an underground kitchen fight club? Would he make lardo out of human fat? Would his alter ego be played by Brad Pitt — or, as we see in this promo, Elijah Wood? Who’ll portray Ilan’s complete lack of surprise?

Fight Club references aside, the real premise pits two talented chefs against each other to cook a number of secret ingredients (jackfruit, spiny lobster, and shark make appearances), in order to win the grand prize of…bragging rights. “That’s it,” says Esquire. “None of that melodramatic crap that keeps contestants from their kid’s birth (we’re looking at you, Josh [Valentine] from Top Chef) and no man wants to sit through.” But how manly is the show? You’ll know by the size of the moustache you sprout after thirty seconds of watching this video.


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