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naked student cookbook
Remember those terrible mid-nineties fratty tee shirts that just said “Coed Naked” and the name of a sport? Well, two British college coeds who are definitely too young to recall such an important and stylish cultural moment have brought it back, and filled in the blank with “Cookbooks”.

According to the New York Daily News, 21-year-old childhood friends Kinvara Hubbard, who attends the University of Edinburgh, and Mimi Williams, the University of Leeds, both have cooking and catering experience, and decided to put together a cookbook to rival the student cookbooks everyone gets when heading off to college.

Side note: why is this the first we’re hearing of the student cookbook gifting trend? Oh, because we went to college during the proliferation of Easy Mac. No book necessary.

In the promotional video below, Hubbard and Williams can be seen rabble-rousing with their mates, and doing such culinary things as “holding cocktails” and “snowboarding on grass” (Coed Naked Grass Snowboarding t-shirts are totes gonna sell out this weekend, right bros?). The girls and their young friends appear in various stages of undress throughout the whole adorably college art projecty video.

While the video gives no mention of any recipes that will be featured in the book, there’s a part where one friend reveals “woz ere” scrawled on his butt cheek, which makes us hope some portion of it is written in Cockney slang. Williams told the Daily News, “our aim from the start was to focus on low prices, easy recipes and, most of all, to make it fun.”

Aside from its gratuitous nudity and general MySpace-ness, the book actually seems unique. It will include illustrations, an estimated cost per person, difficulty ranking, and a QR code to download a shopping list of ingredients for each recipe. Are college kids using QR codes these days? Either way, they had us at “difficulty ranking.” We only hope one of the rankings is “Easy Mac Level.”

The cookbooks will be available on the girls’ website, If you’re just here for the video, see below.

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