WATCH: Ivan Orkin Reveals The Secret To Turning Instant Ramen Into Tasty Good Ramen

Instant ramen, you tempestuous siren. Sometimes you pull us out of a dark pit of unemployment hunger and despair, soothing us with your salty embrace and MSG kisses. Sometimes you are the hopeless food of the hapless. Sometimes we’re so desperate that we eat you raw.

So we’re not sure what to make of this Bon Appetit video, where Ivan Orkin shows off nine ways to prepare instant ramen such that doesn’t taste like freeze-dried glorp. In fact, it looks tasty and we’re going to try these at home — which leaves us torn.

On the one hand, we’re so very, very happy that this video exists, and that we now have tastier ways to eat instant ramen.

On the other hand, we’re still eating instant ramen.

[Bon Appetit]

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