WATCH: Jacques Torres Gifts Kelly Ripa A Chocolate Spanker, We Die Of Jealousy

Chocolatiers are not a practical people: the heart-shaped “spanker” made of chocolate that Jacques Torres AKA Mr. Chocolate presented Kelly Ripa on this morning’s Live With Kelly would have broken the moment one tried implementing it with its intended purpose. But points for bein’ just plain saucy, Jacques!

Kelly visited Torres’ chocolate wonderland and learn the art of making his famous chocolate hearts (it’s actually remarkably easy…IF YOU HAVE A RAD LASER THERMOMETER). She decorated by sprinkling them with her kids’ favorite nuts and candies as they set for a finished plate of snack-encrusted chocolate treats. The crushed cheerio option got a “Shut up!” out of the daytime hostess herself.

Later, the day of chocolatiering took a sexy turn as Jacques presented Kelly with her very own dual-purpose chocolate lollipop. On the treat side was written “Love,” but when you flipped it over, it read “Spanker” in curly lettering; Jacques seemed to be a fan of the spanking mechanism. Had it been plastic-wrapped, we’d treasure it forever.

Kelly politely declines using it to spank Jacques because he had been nothing but a good boy all day, allowing her a romp in his Wonka-esque chocolate factory. Are we the only ones slightly curious about what Jacques does in the chocolate zone when he’s being bad?

Check out the clip below.

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