WATCH: Jamie Oliver Causes A Rift Between Anchors On Today

Quick, everyone, grab a shot of espresso: Jamie Oliver was back on Today Show this morning. He was on hand to bounce off the walls and make some Moroccan food. “But why Moroccan?” you may ask, “Isn’t this supposed to be about British food?” Well, it has to do with immigration, and the “melting pot” of London… and mostly Jamie wanting to smash some chicken and throw things in a bowl. We know that it’s the middle of the afternoon in London right now, but how does he have so much energy? Feel free to take a breath sometime, Jamie, it’s just a salad.

He may have actually been a little too ambitious with his dish, or maybe he spent too long describing how awesome the ingredients were and berating Americans to buy kettles, becuase he almost runs out of time. Never fear though, with some creative flinging of salad ingredients, he manages to finish the segment just in time. Although, he probably wasn’t helped by Matt Lauer’s tiff over whether it was better to be Jamie’s “darling” or “brother”, (which is what he called Al Roker). Don’t get upset, Matt. Jamie loves all the morning anchors equally.

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