WATCH: Hollywood Celebrates Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution Day

Today is Jamie Oliver’s official Food Revolution Day, the holiday he created to raise awareness for healthy eating habits after winning the TED prize in 2010. And to celebrate, Oliver gathered all his friends (many of whom happened to be food experts, scientists, and advocates) around the Google Hangout Tree to discuss food issues. But more importantly, he got his celebrity friends to jump in!

As our recent analysis of Rachael Ray vs. Michael Pollan shows, the best way to get people to care about what they eat is to have a celebrity talk about it. After watching this video many, many times, we’re happy to report that Gwyneth Paltrow only makes a three-second appearance, so you can watch this to your heart’s delight and absorb the good eating messaging without seizures of irrational hatred pulsating through every fiber of your being. Plus, Hugh Jackman! Charming Kevin Spacey! British celebrities who all look like One Direction band members!

Food Revolution game: for every celebrity you recognize in this video, eat a baby carrot.

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