WATCH: Jamie Oliver To Star In Adorable Food And Flannel-Filled Remake Of Fight Club

When you’re filming a television show called Food Fight Club, set to air in the UK (and you also happen to be a good friend of Brad Pitt), you must obviously promote it with a parody/homage to Fight Club. Jamie Oliver and British farmer/TV personality Jimmy Doherty get in on the action with said homage, which summarizes the show pretty well: according to The Daily Meal, the two men “must find the best food in Britain and see if French, German, or Italian iterations can match up.” Hence Robert Paulson in the video wearing lederhosen! We get it now.

On that note, if this were Fight Club, who is Tyler Durden in this situation, Jamie or Jimmy? Tell us below in the comments!

UPDATE: It looks like Oliver really wants you to watch the video on YouTube. So click here.

[The Daily Meal]

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