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WATCH: Jamie Oliver Turns Banana Into Boomerang

Image via Getty

Image via Getty

Celebrity chef and village wizard Jamie Oliver turned a banana into a boomerang. OR DID HE?

Oliver released the video of the trick on his Facebook page this afternoon. Ever the health nut, he reminds us that a banana is loaded with potassium before launching the fruit toward a brick building and catching it one-handed upon its return. Potassium!

SO HOW DID HE DO IT? Here are some of the theories found within the Facebook and YouTube comments sections:

1. Someone caught the banana and threw it back to him!

2. fake…

3. It’s just a boomerang wrapped in a banana, guys.

4. A good video editor. (Valid!)

5. i like bananas

6. There was never a banana in the first place. (This one’s mine.)

Witness the sorcery in the first 24 seconds of the video below.

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