WATCH: Jamie Oliver Kidnaps The Epic Meal Time Guy, Makes ‘Epic Veg Time’ Perversion

Months ago, the manbeasts of Epic Meal Time kidnapped sweet little Jamie Oliver and force-fed him candied gay bacon strips. After barely escaping with his life, Oliver plotted revenge…sweet, organic, farm-fresh vegetable revenge.

With his own crew — DJ BBQ, Vegan Muscles (who can backflip), and Oliver’s sister — Oliver kidnapped Harley Morenstein, then proceeded to make his own Epic Meal Time, but with 25 vegetables, wrapped in a cabbage quilt sewn together with leeks. While it’s not as obscene as a meat- and junk-fueled Epic Meal Time, there’s just something really wrong with the image of Jamie Oliver macking on fistfuls of coleslaw.

As an aside: where can we get those Celery & Celery & Celery & Celery t-shirts?

Also: DJ BBQ looks like he’s doing something inappropriate with the cabbage roll, which he is not. That’s just how screenshots work.

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