WATCH: Jamie Oliver Will Teach You To Make Chicago-Style Deep-Dish Pizza on a Budget

art-jamieoliver2-620x349I’ve had some pretty unfortunate pizza-making incidents. I’ve made bland, tasteless pies, raw-in-the-center ones, and ones where I’ve gone way overboard on the crushed red pepper and burned my mouth. Generally, if I’m eating pizza I leave it to the professionals. But pizza has gotten pricy. Because you can’t just eat pizza anymore. New York is home to Di Fara, where a single slice will cost you hours of your time and $5 and places Rubirosa, where a large pie of their signature vodka pizza is $26. That’s not to say you shouldn’t go to these places. But good pizza has become more of a luxury food than a cheap option.

In this video, Jamie Oliver will teach you how to make a Chicago-style deep dish pizza, with homemade dough and sauce that looks good enough to impress anyone. It has jalapeños, sausage and red onions and looks good enough to make us salivate way before it’s an acceptable hour to eat lunch.

Watch the video:



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