WATCH: Japanese Teen Pop Stars Sing Amazing Death Metal Song about Chocolate

Sometimes we’re compelled to share amazing things that we discover on the internet. Sometimes those things are death metal songs about how chocolate is awesome. Sometimes, those death metal songs are sung by cute, giggly Japanese teenage pop stars.

Presenting Gimme Chocolate!, a single from the hit debut album of Japanese pop/metal sensation Babymetal. According to the band’s own description on Facebook, “BABYMETAL was formed a unit on the theme of ‘Kawaii [translation: cuuuuuuute] METAL’ (The meaning is mix of J-POP and HEAVY METAL).” This is evident in the fact that their lead single is a growly/adorable metal song about wanting chocolate, but being worried about gaining weight. (It’s apparently a chart-topper on iTunes.)

Are you an actual fan of death metal or J-Pop? Then please don’t kill us. Especially if the chorus gets stuck in your head DAKEDO CHOKOREETO, CHOKOREETO CHO CHO CHO IIKANA oh stop it.

[h/t Daily Dot]

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